High Pressure Jetting Services | Overview

High Pressure Jetting Services

Sewer Cleaning
Capable of 45,000psi
750m Range

Hydro Cleansing's friendly and experienced high pressure jetting team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year for rapid response to any drainage emergency.  In the last 14 years we have established ourselves as the leading drainage company in London and the South East.  Our highly trained Jetting engineers are fully equipped with the latest in drainage technology to clear your blockage as quickly as possible.  We never leave a site until the drain is fully cleared and functioning.

Our vans incorporate powerful jetting units that are controllable up to 4,000psi, allowing us to clear blocked stack pipes, outside drains and gutters.  Smaller jetting units can be used to clear your toilet, bath and sink obstructions quickly.  For the most stubborn grease deposits we can use steam jetting to thoroughly clean you drains.

If you're regularly experiencing blocked or leaking drains, Hydro Cleansing's residential CCTV Survey division can pinpoint the problem and provide you with a detailed report and solution.

For more information please call us on 0800 740 8888.

High Power Jetting Equipment
High pressure water removes waste
Highly trained engineers
Show Description

24 Hour Helpline

500 metres of Kevlar reinforced cable

Built in HD DVD Recorder

Full, comprehensive report within 48 hours

Accesses 150mm to 1,000mm diameter pipes

Full tilt and pan filming capabilities

Detects faults to prevent flooding

Smooth, self-levelling technology

HD camera for clear recording

Finds faults in sewers, drains and pipelines

Highly sophisticated robotic camera